ViP Display (Virtual Personal Display)
In our days, all of us spend extensive hours looking to a screen, either in the office, public transports, at home, while travelling, working or simply during entertainment.
Have you ever count the time we are staring to a screen?

Well, in our days most of the things we do implies a screen, either the PC monitor, TV, game console or the inevitable smartphone. Now imagine you no longer need to face down all the time.

Be part of this project and let us know, through a few (multiple choice) questions, your opinion about the design and market requirements. Your answer is crucial! This takes less than 2 minutes.

Kindly, keep in mind this eye-wearable display is to be simultaneously used with eyeglasses or sunglasses, therefore the glass form-factor (hold on ears and nose) is not used.

Thank you in advance for being part of the future.
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Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

Your answers will help us to build a better product Design for you.  One that clearly defines what you would like to have on the product that makes it useful for your daily activity.

Let's get started!

Is it understandable that this device is designed (adapted) to be worn by anyone, particularly, by people using eyeglasses or sunglasses?

Do you like the idea this eye-wearable product is to be connected to your smartphone, tablet or pc, in order to mirror it's screen in front of your eyes? *

In what circumstances would you see this product match your (or your customer) needs? *

What kind of data customers would like to see projected in their field of view? *

Which of these colors do you feel it best fit in your activity? *

Is weight a concern?
(1 for less and 10 for more)

Is the color of the frame support important? (gray and black in picture) *

If you had to choose one of these technical features, which one(s) are most suitable to you? *

What kind of data interface is related with your work activity? *

Which of the following inputs is most likely to influence your customers' buying decision? *

Is wireless connection feature crucial?
(1 for less and 10 for more) *

How would you like to transport it (carry-on)? *

How do you evaluate the success of it as a solution to your industry sector needs? *

What is your budget range to buy this type of custom product? *

How many VIP DISPLAY's you expected to buy?

Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider? (design or technical)

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